Escape The Lesson

Escape The Lesson is a resource for teachers and parents who want to challenge their children’s learning through problem solving.

Learning Through Problem Solving

A learning through problem solving approach allows children to learn using problems, questions or tasks which are intellectually challenging and designed to encourage critical thinking. We face problems everyday but meeting the objectives required by the national curriculum through problem solving techniques has been proven to enhance learning whilst enabling children to develop and build upon these critical skills.

All of our teaching recourses and escape kits have been designed by Kay and Adam; two big puzzle enthusiasts! Both Kay and Adam have enjoyed playing over 100 escape rooms around the world and have years of combined experience of what makes a great puzzle!

Kay is an experienced teacher who includes puzzles and escape room concepts in every part of her teaching. Whether it is a mini escape game activity to introduce a new topic or a fun end of term escape room, Kay has found that her children love to learn through these practical and engaging teaching styles. 

Adam created and currently runs a successful escape room company. Ranked as the top ‘fun and games’ activity in the local area, the escape room has welcomed thousands of happy customers. Having created an escape room and several portable mini games, Adam is continuously thinking of new escape room concepts and puzzles.

All of our subject specific teaching resources have been designed to meet the objectives set by the national curriculum and are available for free to parents and teaching professionals.